Endless Summer Days August 21, 2016 14:45

Is anyone else clinging to the tiny bit of summer left? I can’t help myself but wanting more sun and more heat. As much as I adore autumn, I am just not ready to let go of summer. But perhaps it’s the fact that I just finished course intentions and know that I will soon find myself studying for exams again. 

*whatever happened to THE ENDLESS SUMMER DAYS?*

I’ve always adored summer. The days are long, the evenings warm, and even the city breeze in Toronto carries a little bit of the smell of the sea (I know, some may call this wishful thinking… perhaps it is). But it’s a great feeling, waking up early and realizing that the sun is already up, even though it's only six in the morning. And who doesn’t enjoy their first morning coffee while sitting outside on the patio?


Summer has so much to offer and you’re constantly spoiled with amazing options. Whether it’s weddings and summer fairs, open-air theatres and concerts, or festivals and street parties. Summer seems to have it all. Always. The markets overflow with fresh fruit and seafood stalls. The sales are on and the tourist crowds take over the city streets (you know the ones I’m talking about) and if you can’t beat them, join them (or so they say). With so much to do, I also get to see more of my family and friends. We always spend hours on end playing games, cooking, eating, catching up, gossiping and (occasionally) arguing. Face to face and FaceTime to FaceTime.

With all this fun madness going on during summer, it’s even more exciting that one can finally wear all of their colourful shirts and shorts, flip-flops and sandals and (of course) sunglasses. And if your boyfriend (husband, dad, granddad, uncle, brother or whoever) still keeps that Hawaiian shirt in the back of his closet (you know the one I mean, right?) now is the time to encourage him to wear it.

And because I’m simply not willing to face the end of summer (yet), I wanted to share with you some more amazing summer dresses Carissa designed this year. Let’s try to make summer last a little bit longer. Time is so precious and your most valued memories of those hot Summer months will be from the times you spent with those you love most… AND IN the clothes you LOVE MOST ;)
Happy Sunday!

~Chris Berneck