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    News — locally made

    Kickstarter- Canadian Made Fabric

    Over years of running Copious there have been major ups and downs but finding out that my quilted fabric was being discontinued was a blow that hit harder than I even expected. When I found out, I instantly jumped into making a plan and started scouring my wholesalers to find a replacement. I definitely considered a couple options, but there was always something that made it subpar to the original; most didn’t have enough cotton, making the fabric itchy and giving it a shiny look, fabrics like that never wash well and would look old very quickly. The reason the Alice Sweater was a garment my clients and I loved was because I knew it was something that could be worn weekly and never show that kind of wear but grow to be a staple in their wardrobes.If I couldn’t find a fabric that was up to the Copious standards, I started to come to the decision that I would not make the Alice Sweater anymore and honestly started to harbour feelings that maybe my clients were tired of this sweater and ready for a change. Throughout the winter though, I kept getting emails asking about the Alice Sweater and was it available in the Plum or Navy. Then the Spring OOAK show was upon me and more clients were asking about the sweater, this just confirmed that I had to figure out a way to keep this GREAT style going. Being an artist there is a certain amount of self-doubt that comes into play, I learned a long time ago it was easier to admit it, rather than ignore it. Hearing from all my clients about this style just affirmed that I had created exactly what I had always wanted Copious to be. A company that creates comfortable, stylish clothes that women love and feel confident in. It helped me see I needed to find a fabric that was equal to the original, and once I knew I would have to make it,  I knew it could be even better because it would be Made in Canada.

    After an exhausting amount of emails back and forth, I found Fine Cotton Factory, a mill that could create my coveted quilted fabric and dye it for the Alice and Sophia style. I was relieved to have found them but disappointed to learn what their minimums and cost would be. I felt like I was back to accepting that this style would be no more. I sat with this and had almost resolved myself to believing it BUT I just couldn’t let it die! I am unbelievably stubborn and started doing the math and knew if I launched pre-orders I could raise the funds to help move forward with producing the exact fabric I wanted for this style. Like many business owners, I bet on myself, my design and on my clients support of me.

    You can Pre-Order your Alice Sweater or Sophia Dress through my Kickstarter Campaign, click here to see the reward levels. 

    Of the traits of the brotherhood of writers, savans, musicians, inventors and artist nothing is finer than silent defiance advancing from new free forms. W. W.

    Bridal Story- Katrina

    Katrina was my golden bride, she wanted to be ethereal with a pop of colour and this vibe matched her personality perfectly. She is a very go with the flow, free spirit kind of woman but when she spoke you were 100% focused on her because she is so eloquent! I adored how each of my brides knew themselves so well they chose fabric and designs that suited not only their styles but personalities as well, this is something I stress to my brides. So many people come to me for a custom dress and they want something so different then themselves, but I always say; 1, you want to be comfortable and 2, you still want to be you!

    The Kaja Dress was the perfect option for Katrina, it has structure in the bodice and flowed beautifully in the skirt and we could do a pop of colour in the back. Everything she wanted, plus with the Kaja Dress you have the added bonus of everyone seeing the pop of colour while you walk down the aisle and it being an extra surprise.
    Her lovely friend and step daughter were also wearing Copious originals. 
    Katrina's Final Thoughts
    "At first, the idea of having a custom dress for my wedding was daunting. But I knew from the Copious website how well Carissa did structure and colour and knew I would be in good hands.  On my wedding day,  wearing the dress was like wearing a summer day – full of light and colour!"

    Bridal Story- Maya

    Bridal Story- Maya

     I have a special connection with each bride I work with, but Maya, oh Maya, well she liked Game of Thrones so we REALLY had a connection. She was a legit fan too, with theories, had read all the books, knew the family trees inside and out (like me) so we bonded instantly. The second thing I was instantly in love with, was that she wanted an ALL floral gown, it was official I was in designer heaven.

    My first worry about the email I got from Maya was that she was in love with a particular floral fabric rather than the actually design of the dress. So often brides send me pictures of what they want and without knowing it, they have fallen in love with the fabric and not the actual style of the dress, and sourcing custom fabric is rarely an option. But after chatting with Maya she was 100% sure she wanted a floral wedding gown and was open to fabric options, but that it really was the design of the gown that she loved. 

    Mayas’ gown was the most unique design I have done, because even though we had a basic plan, she was very open to changing the style to what looked best on her. So we tested out many design options; adding and subtracting until we came to this final beauty. I want to thank Maya for being an incredible bride, her dress got taken apart and put back together many, many times to add in new details and in the end all of our hard work paid off, because she was a perfectly unique and stunning bride. 

    In black and white or colour, this brides' personality showed through in her dress and that is what I want for all my Copious Brides!
    Amanda Louise Lytle Photography 
    Maya's Final Thoughts:
    "I had always wanted something very unique and special for my wedding gown. I went to all the bridal salons and dress shops, tried on over 50 dresses and was just super bummed that I couldn't find something to suit my personality. After a recommendation from another bride in the same situation I decided that I needed to have someone make me a dress. I reached out to Carissa and right from the first moment we met I was so impressed by her knowledge, appreciation for unique, custom pieces and her genuinely overall talent. Together we came up with our design, with lots of tweaking and open mindedness we worked through every inch of my dream dress. And dream dress it WAS! The final product became a piece of art, this gorgeous floral, very bridal masterpiece that I wish I could wear every single day of my life. I can't even count how many people were just blown away by the design. I heard over and over "that dress is made for you!" without them even knowing - YES actually it WAS made for me!!!! I am so grateful that I found Carissa and had her experience and expertise through this process.