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    News — vintage guide

    Vintage & Secondhand Shop Guide | Part 2

    This time of year we are often looking for locally made goods for gift giving, but I also wanted to shine a light on some Vintage & Secondhand Shops that are doing great work sourcing beautiful secondhand pieces that help eliminate the hunt. 

    The biggest thing I hear from customers is, "I don't have the time to shop Secondhand" and they are right, it takes more time and requires hunting for those gems. What I love about Secondhand resellers is they are doing the work for us.

    Here is what I do, I follow resellers that are most suited to my style or ones that I think will suit styles of friends or family and it helps me find gifts more easily. You can check out my first Vintage & Secondhand Shop Guide, which also has a link to my IGTV Channel where you can see live interviews with these sellers. Below is a Guide with 12 New Resellers I have discovered and I will be going LIVE with some of them tomorrow. 

    The Thrifty Mama Vintage Shop, Bad Dog Vintage Company, Pitstop Vintage & Very Old Garms
    Flip N Thriftn, Past Lives, Last Night Vintage & Mandy's Web
    Grace with Grit, Woodrow Shop, Last Unicorn Vintage & Genius Bones

    1. The Thrifty Mama || @thethriftymama__ 

    2. Bad Dog Co. || @baddogottawa

    3. Pitstop Vintage || @pitstop.vintage 

    4. Very Old Garms || @veryoldgarms

    5. Flip N Thriftn || @flipn_thriftn

    6. Past Lives || @pastlivesthrift

    7. Late Night Vintage || @latenightvintageco

    8. Mandy’s Web || @mandysweb

    9. Grace with Grit || @gracewithgritposh

    10. Woodrow Shop || @woodrow_shop

    11. Last Unicorn Shop || @lastunicorn.vintage

    12. Genius Bones | @geniusbones

    Make sure to follow Copious on Instagram to see our LIVES with these amazing vendors.



    Vintage & Secondhand Shop Guide | Part 1

    For as long as I can remember, secondhand clothing has influenced my style. It helped me learn that menswear is made WAY better than womenswear and can last longer, every time I step into a thrift store I head right to the men’s section. It taught me that jackets made before the 2000’s are impeccable and I continue to buy more even though I own 20+. Sometimes I will just find a truly unique style and get it to rip it apart and see how it was made. Most importantly it has showed me how much clothing is out there, endless and endless amounts, SO many incredible pieces are just waiting to be yours. Now if you aren’t down for the hunt, I get that, so I have compiled 12 businesses that are doing the hunting to bring you the best of the best thrifted finds.
    Each one has their own unique style and brand, so you just need to find which one best suits your style and follow them. The other thing that I love about thrifting is that it is all about timing. That moment you walk into the store, or check your Instagram and your fav shop has listed an epic piece, and you snag it. I feel all my favourite thrifted pieces were destined to be with me, making them extra special.
    Thrifted by Taylor, With Nini, Thrifted Collective Co. Weft & Whorl
    darling vintage shop, the gene denim, dg vintage, eh plus vintage, secondhand clothing retailers
    vintage vintage shop, vintageous rags, gales vintage clothing collective, mama loves vintage