My Story

Fashion inspired by My World 

 Hi, I'm Carissa the founder and designer of Copious. I take inspiration from the world around me and create collections inspired by music, trips, a place, even my childhood. 
Unlike a lot of businesses that get started, I never had a clear plan (I definitely tell all my interns to go about that differently!) I was always a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl so figures that would become my business plan too. 
There were two things I always knew I wanted Copious to stand for; Canadian and Well Made.  I wanted my clients to feel proud supporting someone local, who made each dress in Canada and throughout the process of design supported fellow local businesses.
The other thing I wanted was for my Copious dress' to be with my clients for life. When they purchased one of my dresses I wanted it to always be there for them to feel confident and look fabulous in!
Throughout the growth of Copious there was a third thing that become important to me and that was the environment. It's a hard balance of loving fashion and making sure you are supporting companies that love fashion AND the environment. As my company grew I saw how bad fashion is for the environment and made a decision to do everything I can to make sure Copious was an environmentally friendly as possible.