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    1. I love reading. As a child I had a big imagination and reading helped me see what was out there in the world. Books let me figure out what kind of person I wanted to be and what kind of life I wanted to live, one filled with a lot of adventures and lots of imagination!

    2. I hate being asked what my favourite song is because there is so much amazing music in so many different genres, I could never choose just one. Depending on how I feel or how I would like to feel I would choose a different artist or album each day. My iPod is literally filled with music from all eras and genres, from Cardi B to Neil Young, Zeppelin to First Aid Kit, Adele to Fleetwood Mac, and I love being influenced and moved by their works of art.

    3. I adore traveling. Since I was a little kid and we were just traveling to the next town to go camping, I would love to explore a new area and find hidden places that would be just for me. I took that spirit my parents instilled in me and have been to Japan, Thailand, France, Spain, California, New York, Boston, B.C. and I can’t wait to explore more of this beautiful world soon!

    4. I am a feminist. I was lucky enough to be raised by an incredibly strong mother who taught my sister and I to know our value, worth and never accept anything less. It has been an honour this last year to watch my friends and fellow feminists come into their own and be proud strong women.

    5. I LOVE vintage t-shirts. I have always loved owning clothes that had lives and stories before me. I like being able to see how loved they were by someone else and knowing that I will love them just as much!

    6. I am extremely influenced by film and music and I often wish I could go back in time to experience a piece of work again for the first time. Something about that moment where your life is changed because you have been impacted by this piece of art. When it is over you can never go back and feel it again, I have had this feeling since I was a little kid. (Works I wish I could go back and experience again for the 1st time: The Belgariad Book Series, To Kill a Mockingbird, Fight Club, Madmen the first episode, Breaking Bad the Finale and Lemonade)

    7. I love plants and greenery in my house, but sadly I usually kill them. That’s why I only keep cacti or tropical plants in my house. 

    8. McQueen is my all-time favourite designer. He was a genius and I adore his dark influences in his clothing. He was constantly inspired by the macabre.

    9. I get very invested in shows; the characters, the plot, their stories, so much so that my boyfriend really hates finales because he is always worried I will be crushed if they don't end it in a way I like, for example The Sopranos.

    10. My family is #1 to me, my grandparents live 5 mins away from me and every Friday we have Manhattan Friday's. My grandpa makes the drinks and the grandkids make the food (Grandma usually makes dessert because she is a great baker!) I am so lucky to be able to have weekly dinners with them.