Copious Heads to England for Tea! June 04, 2017 20:00

A month ago my Aunt Carol came to me with exciting news that she had been invited to Buckingham Palace for a Royal Tea that the Queen holds every year and people from all over the world can apply to be a guest. A little background my Aunt LOVES the Royal Family, so much so that I was convinced as a kid that we were apart of the Royal Family because their photos hung on the wall with ours, so of course I assumed I was Royalty! 

We had a short time to pull an outfit together, but my Aunt knew exactly what she wanted, she wanted a bright colour, to be feel comfortable, but look fancy! I always believe things happen for a reason and this dress is prove, I bought this fabric a year ago just because it was beautiful and I knew one day it would be made into a dress for a special event! 

My Aunt and Uncle have been to EVERY Copious fashion show and have always supported myself and my dream of building my own company! To be able to have Copious be apart of such a big day for my Aunt was such an honour! 

The Queen's Garden Party was on May 16th and my Aunt and Uncle got to have tea and enjoy delicious sweets. The Queen, Prince Philip, Kate, William, Princess Anne and Beatrice were in attendance.

 My goal is always to make everyone feel comfortable in the Copious they put on, no matter how fancy the event if you aren't comfortable you can't be confident. So it always make me happy to hear how proud people are to wear their Custom Copious, but my for your own Aunt to experience that incredible! 

"Many people admired my dress and I must say that I was very proud of how it looked."

                                                                                                          Carol Matthew