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    Each Copious Bride I get to work with is such a special experience for the bride and myself. These unique and alternative wedding gowns are one of a kind, custom made and are styles and fabrics that these brides had dreamed of but couldn't find in stores. 
    We work together to help create your dream wedding gown, with your dream fabric and in the end you walk down the aisle in a dress that is a reflection of you and your personal style. For such a special day, why not wear exactly what you dreamed of?
    Traditional Style + A Pop of Colour = The Copious Bride
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    custom golden wedding gown, handmade in Toronto
    custom made floral wedding gown, made in Toronto with tulle skirt and floral lace
    custom chiffon alternative wedding gown with brightly coloured floral lace back, handmade in toronto, Canada
    strapless white gown with floral lace detail on the back and side, alternative wedding gown, made in Toronto
    custom made white wedding gown with alternative back detail, floral lace detail, handmade in Ottawa, Canada
    Made locally with love in Ottawa and Toronto Ontario.