Much of the Copious brand focuses on everyday clothing, but 3 to 4 times a year I get the chance to work with brides who have opted for a custom design. It is such an honour to be chosen as their designer and I cherish these fittings, our creativity and seeing them light up in their gown.
This bridal story features Amanda, an Ottawa content creator, educator and in 2021 she was preparing for her intimate wedding. Previous to this I had followed Amanda online and she had modelled for my Femme Sweater Collection. I instantly clicked with her after hearing her choice of names and why she chose them, so I was thrilled and honoured when she contacted me to make her wedding gown.
Amanda knows her style very well and had a clear vision of what she was looking for. She fell for the Audrey Dress and with some added details we made the gown her own.
bride in her custom wedding gown with pockets, made in ottawa.
bride with her custom wedding gown with pockets and short sleeves, made in Ottawa
bride wearing her custom wedding gown, with pockets and short sleeves, handmade in Ottawa
bride wearing her custom white wedding gown, handmade in Ottawabride with her custom wedding gown with pockets and short sleeves, handmade in Ottawa
bride wearing her custom wedding gown, handmade in Ottawa

“As a midsize, petite, and curvy woman, wedding dress shopping was something I was always worried about – would I be able to find a dress I felt comfortable in and that fit my body the way I wanted it to? The option to have a custom dress made by a local designer whose work I already loved was a perfect solution to this problem. I chose a dress already on the Copious site – the Audrey dress – and together Carissa and I made a few changes to the design to create my dream dress. We added cute sleeves, a zipper at the back for convenience, and having pockets to fit my phone, lipstick, and hand sanitizer throughout the day was just amazing! The whole process was easy, and with our wedding being pushed back because of the pandemic, Carissa even made time to take my dress in, closer to the wedding date. The whole custom dress experience really gave me that unique, special, one-of-a-kind feeling that I think every bride wants on their wedding day!”


I loved working with Amanda on her dress, and will always remember our experience. A couples' wedding day will always be special, but the fact that I get to work with brides leading up to this special day and make them feel that 'one of a kind feeling' is everything to me. 

If you are a bride and are curious what this process looks like, check out my blog posts How Does a Custom Copious Gown get Made?

Photography: Sandra Keilback
If you have questions about what the Custom Design Process looks like, you can learn more here.
Written by Carissa McCaig

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Custom Bridal Story

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