Hi! I'm Carissa

I have this vivid memory of my Grandma, up on a ladder, delicately draping pleats. She was sewing curtains for her newly decorated dining room and wanted each pleat to be perfect. Little did I know that 8 years later, I would learn exactly how hard this skill is. Fast-forward to 2010: I immediately put that skill to use by designing couture gowns and wedding dresses. Copious was born.

Over the years, my style, inherently reflected in Copious, became more casual. There were colourful dresses, floral elbow patches, ponchos, tonnes of hard work, and many errors. Being a creative first, I had to learn the business end as I went along. Throughout it all, I knew I was doing what I loved; creating slow-made fashion for people to treasure forever.

When I’m not working on Copious you can find me consuming media in all forms; tv, movies, books, music, and podcasts. I want it all! I also ski with my fam, thrift solo while my music blasts from my headphones, travel with my beau, and eat all the yummy food. 

   While the style of Copious has changed, my passion for slow-made fashion has always been strong. As my audience grew I wanted to be honest about the damage the fashion industry has on the environment and that even when done right, there is still waste. Knowing this, I saved my scrap fabric until I had enough to make my first bestseller, the Conscious Heart Sweater.