sewing a heart into a sweater with conscious heart embroidery

How the Heart Sweater was Born

Small businesses are naturally eco-conscious because we see our waste during production; this is true for me. As Copious started to grow, so did my waste. In the fall of 2014, I used a fabric that was 10” wider than most. While cutting out the Alice Sweater, I was left with large excess pieces of fabric that could not be thrown away. I needed to save my scrap fabric!

Enter the Conscious Heart Sweater. This classic is beloved by all and easy to give as a gift or collect all your favs. I repurpose fabric that is too small to work with, with each heart stitched. As you can imagine when cutting these hearts, more scrap fabric is created, but these too serve a purpose. The smaller pieces are cut into smaller hearts, embroidered with ‘conscious heart’, and sewn inside each sweater. This heart stitching can be seen on the back neck. You can literally support your love of fashion and less waste in the industry when you rock your Conscious Heart Sweater.
And so, this was the start of understanding my responsibility to use my skill for sewing to upcycle what would be garbage in larger companies. It was also at this time that I started seeing how much clothing already existed in the world? Dive deeper into my journey to bring upcycling into the Copious family.