upcycled jeans turned into a patchwork denim jacket

Reducing my Waste with Circular Fashion

Each step in my Copious journey has led me to understand my responsibility as a fashion designer. It has made it clear what slow fashion is; well-made clothing produced in small quantities with awareness of the environment, as well as the creativity to manage and use your waste materials.

This stance was ingrained in me when my dad gave me his denim to upcycle. Jeans that he had worn for years, and because the original fabric was so well made, it was easy to repurpose and create the Hunter Jean Jacket. While going through the design process, I saw again, as I did at the start of my career, that smaller and smaller pieces of denim get created. They were too small for this project, but they were saved and set aside for future ideas. The Denim Carryall & Bucket Hat were created, all as a result of finding useful ways to turn waste into beauty. 
I have created many designs throughout my life, all of which I am proud of - even the ones that weren't that great. They all took me on a journey of understanding. As a fashion designer, it is my job to not only create long-lasting, well-made clothing, but to recognize my part in protecting our planet. By upcycling and using my scrap fabric in useful ways I minimize the waste that is created by Copious.
My Copious Eco-System has taken years to build. I am always looking to extend the life and usefulness of all my fabric, even the smallest pieces. Of all my creations it is the one I am most proud of.