Denim Patchwork Heart CHARCOAL Sweater

$78.00 CAD

This Conscious Heart Sweater came to life because of my undying need to use every scrap fabric available to me. I have had a love affair with denim for as long as I can remember. Not only with collecting different styles to wear, but seeing SO many jeans in vintage stores, in perfect condition, I came to associate them with durability, heritage, and a part of who we are. With so many jeans out there, I came to see them as a part of our genes. 

Each Patchwork Denim Heart is 100% unique, using up denim scraps from myself and Ellemairco and with your purchase, you are supporting less waste in this industry. With this heart, you can literally wear your love of fashion and the Earth every day.

Each heart is stitched onto a unisex sweater, which is a traditional athletic sweater, sizing is below, but which size you want is dependent on your personal style. To see how this style fits on different bodies, check out the #consicousheart Blog Post. You choose what colour sweater you want your Patchwork Heart on, but your Heart will be 100% unique, like you. 

 I want to die with my blue jeans on.   - Andy Warhol

Small Bust 40"
Medium Bust 44"
Large Bust 48"
XL Bust 52”
XXL Bust 56”