black sweater with 'no labels, just vibes' embroidered in pink thread

The Future of Fashion is Upcycling

As I started to awaken to the amount of clothing that already existed, I wanted to be a part of giving these items a second life. But being an avid thrifter, I knew that there were a lot of secondhand resellers out there. I needed to find a way to upcycle but make it Copious.

I started thinking about what people donate. So often it is items that can’t be bought and worn immediately, or it is garments people won’t ever want. This clothing is stained, damaged, and covered in corporate logos that no one recognizes. These were the pieces I wanted to work with! To bleach out the stains, fix the damage, and cover those unrecognizable logos with unique and fun designs. I wanted to turn this unwanted clothing into one-of-a-kind pieces that people would cherish; this is when THREADED was born.
During this discovery, it was hard to miss the abundance of jeans at any secondhand store. I have always coveted jeans, so it was natural my next step into upcycling would be with denim. Working with this resilient fabric taught me how to create my own Copious Eco System. Find out more about that world.