The Always Sunny Podcast


What I have been listening to...  

I love this show, but have held off listening to this podcast because I don’t love recap podcasts, I find them boring. This week I needed something new in my feed so I listened, and I was laughing so hard, Kaja was concerned for me. They don’t talk about the show a lot, it is just them having convos, and it is hilarious.

listen to it!

 The People of the Deer by Farley Mowet

What I have been reading...

This year I decided I wanted to read all of Farley Mowets books and People of the Deer is his first. Being his first novel, there were times it was too detailed and needed to be edited, but his passion and love for the Ihalmiut people does shine through. He lived with them for 2 years to learn about their lives and afterwards was ridiculed for lying about their need for help.

read it!
HBO The White Lotus

What I have been watching... 

This show was hilarious, uncomfortable (in a good way) and perfection. I went in with no idea of plot points and was pleasantly surprised as the drama grew. The music really brings that uncomfortability to new heights, I often found my heart racing because of the sacrificial tone it was setting.

watch it!
Boating on the River

What I have been doing... 

The weather has been so up and down lately that when a warm day rolls around we drop everything and get to the cottage. The beau and I have been living there and on rainy days we watch movies and on nice days he golfs and I read outside. My great grandfather bought this cottage and I love that it is still in our family.
pattern making in my studio

What I have been working on...

I can’t share a lot about this new style yet, but what I can share is this: I have thought about it for a year. I have had this fabric for years. Its name is LENNON It takes a lot of work. I am very proud of it & it will be dropping this Fall. Until then here is a quick pic of its prep.
Written by Carissa McCaig

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