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    News — HQ Happenings

    Copious HQ Happenings

    you must remember this podcast, jon ronson book, knives out movie, monthly HQ happenings


    What I have been listening to...


    My love for this podcast knows no bounds, and this season didn’t disappoint, it is about the Disney movie ‘Song of the South.’ Most people won’t have seen it, it has been in the vault for years because it is racist, and Katrina takes a look at how the movie came to be made, how it came to be re-released into the 80’s and how Disney still profits off it today. 






    What I have reading... 


    This book was interesting. I love Jon’s journalism and this book didn’t disappoint. He talks with people all over the country about being shamed for minor to major things on the internet and how it affects their life years afterwards. It is a documentary style book looking at how we can be better people, even to those we may never meet. 





    What I have watching... 


    The beau and I were so excited for this movie and I think we just figured out/were suspect of the characters you were suppose to root for, making it hard to dive deep into this ‘Clue’ plot twist. Even with this, the actors are all incredible and the styling, both interior and fashion are perfection.   






    What I have been doing...


    Each Christmas the beau and I give the kids adventures instead of gifts. This year these two cuties got to spend the night at the Museum of Nature. We got a flashlight tour with the dinos, scavenger hunt with the mammals, show and tell with the bugs and then an IMAX movie! 





    What I have been working on... 

    SPRING 2020

    2020 is going to bring a lot of changes not just with Copious, but hopefully with everyone working in the industry. We need to stop producing so much and work with what we have and that is going to 
    be my moto! I will be testing out some reworked clothing at the Spring OOAK Show and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of them.