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Serial S1 was the OG podcast for me, it got me hooked on this new media form and I have been listening ever since. Season 4 of Serial is the story of Guantánamo Bay told by the people who lived through key moments in its evolution. The moments I found the hardest to listen to was the army's point of view, many of them were very detached from what they did and were a part of. This was a poignant listen, documenting the history of the insecurity the US was in after 9/11.

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Long-time followers will know I am reading this series, and this is the start of the second half. It focuses on the älfar, the enemy of everyone else Girdlegard. The author noted how hard it was to flip the script and write from the villain's point, it was important to him to give them their world and backstories. It was the start of a great series, and I can't wait to dive into more. 

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The first half of this show was perfect! The clothing, set design, and acting, it was so funny, and I was waiting each week for the next episode. Then it went off the rails and got convoluted and with each episode nothing seemed to progress, so I was disappointed with how it ended. They didn't put the same level of care into the ending as the start.

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My May weekends have either been spent at shows or at the cottage. My family and I have been working hard to spruce it up after its winter slumber so it is ready for us to enjoy all summer long. Fun Fact: My grandfather bought this cottage, at the time it was just a shack. Between himself and my grandparents, they slowly built it up, allowing each generation to create memories here!
For this Spring I set a goal of attending more markets and shows in the Ottawa area. I wanted to put the Spring Collection out there more, plus test out new areas. I am super happy I did it! All my Copious people always show up and that means the absolute world to me.

Written by Carissa McCaig

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