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britney spears the woman in me audio book

I'll be honest, at times this was a hard listen. Miss Spears has been through it in her life, and hearing in her own words what was done against her, by the people closest to her, was tough. I hope writing this book was a big step in reclaiming her story and self. 

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tess of d'urberville

I love old literature, but for me, this one didn't stack up the same as Emma or Pride and Prejudice. Those all have strong women who actively know their worth and do something about it. Tess knows her worth but is constantly put in situations where are concerned with themselves first. It was still a beautifully written book, but the male characters left a lot to be desired. 

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the last of us hbo series

It took the beau and me a minute to finally watch this, but it was worth the wait! It grabs you at ep 1 and never lets you go. The acting, writing, and characters were spectacular, but the set design was impeccable. I love it when the scenery is a whole character in and of itself. Highly recommend this, it has real heart.

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 birthday celebration at gyubee

I haven't been up to much this month, mostly trying to get back to being healthy after a bad cold. Luckily I was able to squeeze in time with this birthday guy! He is always so patient with me, knowing that December is busy for me we celebrate after the holidays. Treat the kiddos in your life to The Gyubee experience, trust me they will love it.
patchwork upcycled sweater
I've been working hard on spring, but I couldn't attend 613 Flea on February 10th without bringing you some new cozy sweaters. This one is dropping on Sunday 10am, but below is the new heart sweater that is already online! 
Written by Carissa McCaig

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