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joni mitchell

December always leads me back to Joni. The second I watch Love Actual I dive right back into my Joni Mitchell records. I love putting her albums on, getting my tea ready and diving into a book, these are the only things on my to-do list when I come back from OOAK.

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I This book merges the 60's with theology by posing the question 'Does our literature still matter?' The author is looking to the 'Tower of Babel' story as inspiration. This book was up and down for me, at times it was riveting and had me thinking about the language we use today, at other times it was dry and too analytical. It wasn't my favourite read.

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holiday in handcuffs

This is by no means a recommendation for this movie, but Chris Burns, @fatcarriebradshaw, gave this such a hilarious review online that the beau and I knew we needed to watch this good-bad movie stat, and it WOW it delivers. If you love a completely unconvincing plot & phoning it in acting, watch this movie for a good laugh. 

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This copious gal has been doing absolutely nothing related to Copious. What I have been doing is relaxing, enjoying lots of family time, eating so much good food, crushing puzzles, reading books, and also taking naps. Doing an entire reset before I start creating for 2024.
I promise I have been doing some Copious work since returning from OOAK, but it has been minimal. One thing that happens every December is prepping the Under $30 Gift Guide for next year because each item featured is a part of my family's tradition of table gifts. This year I wrapped gifts with recycled kraft paper and decorated them to be festive!
Written by Carissa McCaig

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