When I first launched The Femme Sweater, I wanted to showcase women who had inspired me, fought for Canadian women’s rights and who had broken down the barriers to be the first at something. I am very proud of Edition 1, it allowed me to explore this new product, learn about these incredible women and flex my embroidery skills. As I started to think about Edition 2, I was flooded with women's names who would be perfect for The Femme Sweater, but I also thought of the women close to me in my life. It became pretty clear that no matter how many times I made this sweater I would never come close to showcasing all the women who have inspired myself and all of you!

That is when the idea of making this Edition completely customizable came to life. You get to choose which three names you want showcased on your sweater and I figured if you were choosing the names, you should choose the thread colour too. I am so excited to see which names you choose, but in case you are having trouble getting inspired, below are the incredible women who helped me bring this campaign to life and they are sharing who and why they chose their names. 

custom sweater with hand embroidered names on it

Amanda, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger for AmandaGlowGetter chose 3 women who influenced her view on feminism."The names I chose are 3 women who have been influential in my understanding of intersectional feminist thought, which is the idea that racism and sexism are intertwined, and which informs a movement that centres the experiences of Black women. I chose “Sojourner” for Sojourner Truth, whose “Ain’t I a Woman” speech criticized the early feminist movement for leaving enslaved Black women behind. “Audre” is Audre Lorde, a Black lesbian writer who is still often quoted in discussions of whether we can work within the existing societal structures to create meaningful, antiracist change. And finally, “Kimberlé” is Kimberlé W. Crenshaw, a scholar of critical race theory who actually coined the phrase “intersectionality” and laid out the concept in a way that deeply resonated with me." 

Katie, Digital Creator for YOW City Style  chose 3 people who all share her birthday, and they are three pretty awesome people! "What do Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Jessica Parker and I all have in common? We all share the same birthday! They say that the passion and energy of those born on March 25 is one of their most defining qualities. I've always admired the success stories of all three of these talented performers and their special mark they've left on our world. "

custom sweater with hand embroidered names

I know when I was thinking about who I would put on my sweater, I immediately thought of the women in my life. Britt, Becca and Katie all choose their Grandmothers and Mothers because of the love, support and confidence they were given from these women. 

Britt, Event Planner and Designer for Gloss Events and Decor "Jay, Joan & Maria: three amazing women that have each played an important role in moulding me into the woman I am today. Wearing their names on my Femme Sweater is a constant reminder of their inspiration."

Becca, Artist and Calligrapher for Happy Ever Crafter "These are the names of 3 important women who made me who I am. Marilyn and Clara, my two beautiful and strong grandmothers who continue to inspire me even after they're gone. And Julie, my loving, strong and driven Mama who has been leading by example since the day I was born. Their names on this sweater mean the world to me."

Katie, Visual Coordinator for EQ3 "The three women who I chose to put on my Copious Femme sweater are my mother, Judi, my Nana, Dorothy, and my Grandma, Joan. I chose their names as these women possess the skills and characteristics which I have always found unique and aim to emulate in both my daily life, and throughout my career. These women are creative and crafty, they love laughter and joy, celebrate tradition, and they are each unwaveringly generous." 

Anthonia, local Makeup Artist chose to feature her and her sisters names. "My closest friends know that Anthonia is my second name. My first name is actually Titi, it is a Nigerian name. The other two names are my sisters given names as well, my older sister Tope and little sister Tosin. My mom always loved the fact that our names all start with T's, so I made this sweater for her. All our names together on a nice sweater!"

May, GM for Farinella, an incredible local Restaurant. She chose 3 women, (a couple you may recognize) who had inspired and uplifted her.

“Donna and I met 9 years ago and it didn’t take us long to notice we both had a creative itch we needed to do something about. Together we started DM Stylist and she encouraged me to explore this passion of mine, she is the epitome of a strong woman encouraging strong women! 

Throughout the journey of our company we met Kaja and she is still the funniest photographer I have ever worked with. She gave us a chance on something we hadn't really done before and she gave me the confidence to dive deeper into my creativity. 

Everyone on my sweater is connected, if I hadn’t met Donna I may never have met Kaja, who would later introduce me to Carissa. We all connected through photo shoots we were doing and as cliche as it sounds, it was like *sparks flying*, we connected right away.

I have had the huge honour of styling, modelling and wearing Copious, she has always trusted me with her shoots and genuinely just let me do my thing. There’s always self-doubt when you’re being creative because it’s your vision and you worry no one else will see what you see, but not with Carissa. She has always encouraged each artists’ personal vision and trusted it would fit into the bigger picture. Her energy encouraged self-growth into trusting that I’m good at what I do and to see myself the way Carissa does. 

All in all, these 3 women in their own way have helped me find my confidence and creativity. They are all successful, hard-working and the top in their own trades, but they will always find the time to lift others up. It’s pretty incredible what women can create when they stand together. That’s what these 3 do, they encourage, enlighten and empower."

I couldn't have said this better myself, THE FEMME SWEATER is about celebrating the people that encourage, enlighten and empower us. Whether you know them personally or are inspired by their work, you can show your love for them with your own Custom Femme Sweater. 


What to know to get your order in. First you choose what SWEATER COLOUR, then you choose what THREAD COLOUR you want your names embroidered in. Now go ahead place your order and at check out in the NOTES section type out the 3 names you want hand embroidered on your Femme Sweater. 

ORDER yours now.

Written by Carissa McCaig

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