This Year; This Collection; This Time

 FRONTIER is all about executing ideas, themes and beliefs that I have and want to be reflected and showcased when you look at Copious. Fashion is cyclical, it is always repeating itself and continuing to reaffirm that it is a safe space where all are welcome to express themselves and their style.

 Sometimes you can have all the ideas, find the right fabric and you still are not able to execute what you want. For me this has been the last couple years, knowing what I want to do, but lacking the time to give the designs the proper respect. I know this can sound crazy; you had these ideas for 2 years and you couldn’t find a spare minute to make them? It’s true. These last couple years have been about settling into my new studio space and dealing with the growing pains that comes with expanding. It hasn’t been bad, it’s been really good, I have gained more retailers, new clients and made myself at home in the Ottawa area. Nothing great happens overnight, I have been walking towards this collection and it feels great to be here. No other collection has felt more like me, more like Copious, it feels like I am finally stepping into a company I understand.

comfy oversized black sweater with floral elbow patches, handmade in Ottawa

 The Phoebe Sweater is a staple in the Copious Collection, but this year I used scrap fabric from a bridal lace and created floral patches to use around the neckline. 

oversized black and white long wool jacket with pockets handmade in Ottawa

This is my FAVOURITE piece from FRONTIER! It feels like a second skin and when I put it on, I feel more me! The Clothier Jacket is named after the street I grew up on, it was the beginning for me and this jacket feels like the beginning of something for Copious. 

faux fur bomber jacket with black ribbing detail and silver metal zipper handmade in Ottawa

This is definitely my runner up, no matter how you style it, your 'cool' factor automatically goes up! With cooler weather coming, I won't mind layering up with this gorgeous piece. This fabric is limited, so order this edition of The Elm Bomber while it is still around!

black fitted sweater with leopard print faux leather elbow patches, handmade in Ottawa

Normally I am not a leopard print girl, but the second I saw this, with its vibrant colouring, I thought this was a great addition to my elbow patch collection. It was more unique and graphic then others I had seen and The Alice Sweater is all about the pop of colour at the elbow patch!

black reversible bomber jacket, floral lining, handmade in Ottawa

I remember the first bomber jacket I made, I wanted it to be a success, but I had no idea if my customers would be willing to pay the the higher price tag for such a detailed garment. Each one that sells you become a member of my #girlgang because it means so much to me that you are buying an investment piece from Copious. The Elm Bomber this year is a solid black and floral inside with white sleeves, a classic! 

ice blue sweater with grey cable knit v-neck insert handmade in Ottawa

This is my favourite sweater, it is LITERALLY a cozy blanket on the inside, and for a girl who always runs cold, it's perfect! This year The Megan Sweater comes in a third colour option, the gorgeous ice blue with grey cable knit detailing, perfect for the Fall weather heading our way. 

There is so much more to come for Copious and I am excited to be stepping into what feels like a second skin to me. I hope you all enjoy Fall 2019, but not to sound cocky, I know you will! My creative partner, Kaja Tirrul and all the amazing models that helped to showcase this collection, they know me and Copious so well and they all said the same thing, this is SO you! There is no greater feeling than having people who have watched you grow creatively, see you come into your own!

Written by Carissa McCaig

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