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    News — Conscious Heart Sweater

    How Do the Conscious Heart Sweaters Fit?

    The Conscious Heart Sweater has been a part of the Copious family for 2 years, so it is about time it gets its own blog post.  The two questions I get most often are how do they fit and how do I pick which scrap fabric can be used.
    For fit, these sweaters are a unisex and oversized style, so the small and medium are my top selling sizes because they fit most people. With this sweater in particular “fit” can be very subjective and depends on how you want it look and how you want it styled. I always tell customers when I am at shows that you will have your “true” size, but that doesn’t mean you can’t size up for comfort. For example, my true size would be a small (I am a 38” bust) but I often size up to a Medium for comfort or even to a Large for an oversized athleisure look. With oversized sweaters being a big trend right now, I have seen more and more women embrace the comfort of sizing up.
    Fit also depends on your own personal style and that is influenced a lot by your job. This sweater is sold most often as a comfort or leisure garment to people to wear on the weekends or if they can work from home, but it is also bought or given as a gift to a lot of teachers or people who have a more casual work space. With this, sizing can be determined by how presentable you want it to look. For me the Small gives me a more put together look, where the Large gives off a more casual vibe. So that is something to consider when purchasing your sweater, where you will be wearing it most often and how you want to style it. With all that said, I have several clients who own one in a smaller size to be able to wear it to work and one in a larger size for comfort on the weekends!
    Pictured below is myself and Kay (you will recognize her as our lifestyle model for Copious) to show the difference between wearing your “true” size and sizing up.
    lumberjack heart sweater, showing fit between small, medium and large. Oversized athleisure sweater
     For your reference, my bust is 38"
    cranberry heart sweater, showing fit from medium to XL, unisex and oversized athleisure sweater.
     For your reference, Kay's bust is 44"
    What size you purchase is totally dependent on your own personal style; if you are able to wear this at work and what level of comfort you are looking for.
    Which scrap fabric gets chosen requires cutting a heart, sewing it on and washing it, the big test is how well it washes. Some fabrics can be cut and don’t need to be sewn into a seam to stop from fraying, but some DO and the biggest thing is the quality of how long this fabric will last.
    Most of the time for Copious fabrics, this is determined by the season the original fabric was from. For example, most of my Fall fabrics are a thicker and a tighter weave therefore allowing the fabric to be cut and sewn, only fraying slightly but not to the point of falling off. Where the Spring fabrics are more likely to be a looser and thinner weave which doesn’t allow them to be fray gently but rather fray to the point of washing off.
    Before moving forward with sewing on the hearts, each scrap fabric is tested and if it doesn’t pass the wash test it is put back in a bin, to be used for my next great idea!