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    News — Gift Guide

    Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    I have never been a big Valentine's Day girl, but this season I am particularly loving what some of my favourite local brands have been creating. So this February 14, get your BFF (and maybe yourself) ready for a great 2018 by supporting these great local brands!

    It's OK it's art pillowcase, drop dead skull candles, okayok sweaters, armed jewelry, sad truth supply pins,

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    Holiday Gift Guide

    It's that time of year when most people flock to the malls to get all their holiday shopping done, but if we are being honest, most of us don't really enjoy it. We are rushing through our list, buying items that aren't made well or unique and giving our hard earned money away to someone who doesn't deserve it.
    Four years ago I slowly started buying more of my gifts from local artists and each year I spent less time at the mall and last year I challenged myself to buy all my gifts from local shops or artist and it was so rewarding watching my family open up gifts they were truly in love with cause of their uniqueness. 
    These are my favourite Top 10 that I have asked for (or might be giving;) ) this Christmas!holiday gift guide, Armed Jewelry and Hand Made Object Pillows and Copious gold and black holiday gown
    kamik winter boots, kristy wilson ceramics, weirs lane lavendar, urban nest decor
    If you are Toronto based a great place to check out some of the vendors on my list is the One of a Kind Show, Nov. 23- Dec. 3. Come visit me at Booth P49. 
    Happy Holidays!