Winter Styling Made Easy with a Winter Sale! February 03, 2017 09:08

I always struggle to keep my sense of personal style when the negative numbers really hit us here in Canada. I usually just end up wearing jeans and a hoodie cause I know my outfit will be hidden by my winter jacket. But what happens when you need to take off that jacket, well Copious has you covered! Check out how Emma & I styled our favourite items from the website. 


Dress: Kaja with Lace Back ||| Belt: Brave Leather ||| Boots: Cartel ||| Coat: Vintage 


Top: Alice with Elbow Patches ||| Skirt: Olivia ||| Shoes: Oak + Fort

Top: Vintage ||| Dress: Maya ||| Vest: Topshop 


Dress: Sophia ||| Jacket: Anthro (Levi's) ||| Belt: Ralph Lauren ||| Boots: MIA