Denim Carryall

$98.00 CAD

The Denim Projects are all items I make using donated and secondhand denim. For this project I was using up a specific kind of denim; stretch, this denim can't be used for my other projects, which is why I created an item that was focused on using up this scrap denim.

Each bag is made from stretch denim with a faux leather bottom that is square to make packing and holding all your essentials easy. It is lined with secondhand sheets, from striped to floral, it will always be a surprise, plus two pockets to help hold smaller items like keys, your cell, or airpods! My favourite part is the gorgeous colourful straps, I knew right away when I saw these that they would look stunning next to the repurposed denim. 

The Denim Carryall is 19" long, the base is 11" wide, and the straps are 24" long. You have the option between light, medium, or dark wash, and each bag's body is patchwork denim and meant to show off famous denim features.