Out with the old, in with the RETRO June 05, 2016 17:37

After going through countless bridal magazines, trying on thousands of gowns and probably spending more money on one item of clothing than you ever will again, you finally found the perfect dress. Your mother cried, your husband smiled and your friends couldn't stop telling you how beautiful you looked. Your dress is so stunning that you wish you could wear it every single day! Unfortunately, you can't. Well, you totally could, but you might get a weird glance here or there. So now what?

If the majority of women have one big complaint about shopping for that perfect wedding dress, it’s that it seems very unreasonable and impractical to spend a lot of money on a gown that is only going to be worn once. What if there was a wedding dress that would not only make you look gorgeous, but one that you could easily wear (and one that you’d absolutely want to wear) again after your big day?

Being Carissa’s best selling dress, The KAJA dress is a fun, flirty, feel-good dress that can be worn to many different events. Whether you’re having drinks with your girlfriends on Saturday night, strolling the streets of downtown Toronto, or wanting to impress your fellow employees at a work party, this dress seems to have it all. Almost. This autumn, Carissa decided to take the concept of the KAJA dress even further and created a one of a kind wedding dress. This dress can not only make you feel and look amazing on your special day, but also — and this is the best part —  can be turned into that fun night-out-of-town dress you’ll want to wear again and again.

‘When asked to create a RETRO dress, I wanted something traditional with a touch of fun. I wanted to cater to a bride who wanted her matured and developed style to be infused in her dress for the big day. With this dress I loved the idea of it being easily shortened after the wedding, so that it’s something the bride can get wear out of.’ ~ Carissa McCaig

What makes this dress so special is that it combines the traditional and classical white in the front with a new and more modern splash of colour on the back. And who doesn’t love to show off a nice back?

You may cry on your big day or you may not, and you may choose a dress you can breathe in or you may not (but hopefully you’ll decide that breathing is necessary). Everyone is different, as will be every dress shopping experience you may have. I believe that this wedding dress has the potential to make your perfect day even more perfect, but in the end, remember it’s not about the label you’re wearing. It’s about the love. Happy dress hunting, ladies!

-Chris Berneck

Photographs by Jack Loves Mary Photography 

Styled Shoot by Brittany West of Gloss Events and Decor