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    News — Editorial

    I Think of Mud

    When I start to think of an editorial shoot, I instantly start a dialogue with my creative partner, Kaja, and like anything that grows, it is a seed of an idea that we both add to. I have always loved that we both get to add our own ideas and explore our own creative energy in our editorials. 

     For me, “I Think of Mud” was the start of needing Copious to be able to grow and been seen in more than one way. My original thought written in my notebook was “I want this [shoot] to redefine what Copious may mean to my customers, I want to show a side of this company that hasn’t yet been explored.” At the time I was feeling like I was in a box creatively, it was making me edgy and moody and I needed to explore that stylistically.

     For Kaja, “I Think of Mud” came at a time when she was dying for something creative in a lot of ways. The calm, anger, sadness and sincerity seen in these photos was all her, releasing her emotions into each photo, and for her it is not just the planning and shooting but the editing that is creative as well. These photos look unlike anything we have worked on together, which was our original goal, to grow and push our own boundaries. Coming together to create and produce something different from our “usual”, helped both of us be reminded of why we love what we do.

    This shoot was not planned out or “pre-styled”, it flowed from everyone involved equally, we had no plan where it would land, it was not designed to sell anything, it was something that our souls needed to feel connected to our creativity again.
    Featured in Kodd Magazine

    Photographer: Kaja Tirrul @kajaphoto

    Hair & MUA: Brittney Keohan  @bk.mua

    Models: Grace & Olivia of Strutt Central Modelling Agency @struttcentral

    Stylist: Kaja Tirrul & Carissa McCaig @copiousfashions

    Shot on Location in Port Perry, Ontario at Willowtree Farm @willowtree_farm

    Brands : Copious, House of Knot, London Fog, Vintage, Blundstone, Current Mood, Topshop, Frye, Dolls Kill, Brave Leather, Vans, American Apparel, Etereo, Lebanon Found, Steve Madden, Dunlop, Roots Canada

    Cinnamon Solstice

    Cinnamon Solstice

    At the end of each season a twinge goes off in my heart for the passion, love and work that went into that collection. The S/S 2017 Collection, Cinnamon Solstice, was particularly passionate for me because the inspiration came at a moment when I was feeling directionless.

    After being less than inspired for a collection that needed to be urgently designed, an incredible opportunity presented itself where I got to take a road trip with my best friend and see California for the first time.

    At first I found the states' lack of colour bizarre to see. Being October my Canadian brain was trained to search for red, orange and yellows, but all I saw was browns and greens. As we continued our drive I began to see all the different shades of green, the pops of colour from the tropical plants and the endless blue sky. Just like that, visiting a new area, hitting the road with my friend who helps me navigate my thoughts and one of my best collections was born. 

     I am beyond lucky to know a group of creatives that collaborate so beautifully together. One thing I hate to do is put limitations on their own ideas, so going into this shoot I told them picture two girls on a road trip who have collected vintage items along the way. Together this is what we created... 

    fashion editorial, photoshoot, clothing handmade in Toronto

    clothing handmade in Toronto, fashion editorial

    fashion editorial, clothing designed and sewn in Toronto

    fashion editorial, clothing handmade and sewn in Toronto

    fashion editorial, smoke bombs,

    fashion editorial, airstream,

    Photography: Kaja Tirrul, Kaja Photo
    Assistant: Kamara Morozuk
    Model: Jana Galley
    Model: Leyla Djira
    Styling: May Mustapha
    Set Styling: Brittany West, Gloss Events & Decor
    Makeup: Megan Roberts, _2bu_
    Hair: Stephanie Richardson, Richardson Hair Design
    Airstream: Kasey Boudreau, Cellar 82
    Videographer: Emma Jones

    Dear Deer

     So glad I can finally share these photos! It's always nice to do a creative shoot with people that are so passionate about what they do and when you have such an incredible backdrop with friendly animals that want in the shot, you get photos you can't stop looking at!

    Get closer to the shoot with our BTS video here!

    outdoor editorial shoot, handmade in Ottawa

    winter editorial shoot

    winter editorial, omega park, fashion handmade in Toronto

    fox print, winter fashion editorial, fashion handmade in Toronto

    winter fashion shoot, omega park, fashion handmade in Toronto

    omega park, fashion editorial, fringed styling

    shearling coat, omega park, fashion photoshoot, handmade in Ottawa

    Canadian fashion shoot, omega park, handmade in Toronto

    Photographs by Kaja Tirrul (@kajaphoto)
    Styling by May Milly (@may.milly)
    Makeup by Anthonia Bejide (@anthoniamakeup)
    Video by Up North Wedding Films (@joshua_upnorth)
    Model: Tiffany Yach (@tiffanyyach)

    Out with the old, in with the RETRO

    custom made wedding gown, handmade in Ottawa
    After going through countless bridal magazines, trying on thousands of gowns and probably spending more money on one item of clothing than you ever will again, you finally found the perfect dress. Your mother cried, your husband smiled and your friends couldn't stop telling you how beautiful you looked. Your dress is so stunning that you wish you could wear it every single day! Unfortunately, you can't. Well, you totally could, but you might get a weird glance here or there. So now what?

    If the majority of women have one big complaint about shopping for that perfect wedding dress, it’s that it seems very unreasonable and impractical to spend a lot of money on a gown that is only going to be worn once. What if there was a wedding dress that would not only make you look gorgeous, but one that you could easily wear (and one that you’d absolutely want to wear) again after your big day?

    Being Carissa’s best selling dress, The KAJA dress is a fun, flirty, feel-good dress that can be worn to many different events. Whether you’re having drinks with your girlfriends on Saturday night, strolling the streets of downtown Toronto, or wanting to impress your fellow employees at a work party, this dress seems to have it all. Almost. This autumn, Carissa decided to take the concept of the KAJA dress even further and created a one of a kind wedding dress. This dress can not only make you feel and look amazing on your special day, but also — and this is the best part —  can be turned into that fun night-out-of-town dress you’ll want to wear again and again.

    pink floral bridesmaid gowns, handmade in Ottawa
    ‘When asked to create a RETRO dress, I wanted something traditional with a touch of fun. I wanted to cater to a bride who wanted her matured and developed style to be infused in her dress for the big day. With this dress I loved the idea of it being easily shortened after the wedding, so that it’s something the bride can get wear out of.’ ~ Carissa McCaig

    What makes this dress so special is that it combines the traditional and classical white in the front with a new and more modern splash of colour on the back. And who doesn’t love to show off a nice back?

    white wedding gown, hot pink floral detailing, handmade in Ottawa

    You may cry on your big day or you may not, and you may choose a dress you can breathe in or you may not (but hopefully you’ll decide that breathing is necessary). Everyone is different, as will be every dress shopping experience you may have. I believe that this wedding dress has the potential to make your perfect day even more perfect, but in the end, remember it’s not about the label you’re wearing. It’s about the love. Happy dress hunting, ladies!

    -Chris Berneck

    alternative wedding gown options, custom made in Ottawa

    Photographs by Jack Loves Mary Photography 

    Styled Shoot by Brittany West of Gloss Events and Decor


    The World is Our Oyster

    A couple weeks ago the gorgeous and incredibly talented Brittany from Gloss Events & Decor launched her blog GLOSSED. To showcase her unbelievable talent she took her inspiration 'The World Is Our Oyster' and brought together many incredible artisans & vendors to create this beautiful photo shoot. I was honoured to create 3 custom wedding dresses for the shoot, inspired by champagne, pearls & oysters! 

    gold alternative wedding gown, custom made in Ottawagrey chiffon beaded alternative wedding gown, custom made in Ottawa white and black embroidered floral wedding gown, custom wedding dress made in Ottawa

    My designs were showcased at Whalesbone, located in Ottawa, combining the rustic setting with elegant accents. Inspired by the natural beauty of an oyster, golds, silvers, greys and whites bring out an urban vibe that captures the perfect modern wedding. 

    gold fit and flare custom gown, alternative wedding gown, handmade in Ottawabridesmaid gowns, handmade in Ottawagold alternative wedding gown, keyhole detail, custom made in Ottawa

    This gold gown channels old hollywood glamour with a fitted bodice and high-low hem. The natural waistline and cascading pleats are flattering and a touch regal, while pockets make the dress perfect for the practical bride! 

    maxi skirt and crop top, alternative wedding gown option, handmade in Ottawachiffon skirt, beaded crop top, custom made in Ottawa

    Something blue for the bohemian bride. The high waisted flowing chiffon skirt and intricately beaded top make this perfectly comfortable for the laid back bride. That girl that wants elegance with comfort, this dress is your perfect dreamy ensemble.  

    black and white floral embroidered gown, fit and flare wedding gown, handmade in Ottawaeditorial bridal gown shoot

    Show off your personality in this black and white floral gown. The bold pattern of white flowers trimmed with black stitching is the perfect pattern for the bride who wants to be completely unique! Finished with tulle at the hem of the skirt it keeps the gown bridal, but with a twist.  

    I love working with clients who want to support Canadian designers when shopping for their bridal gown. No matter what your style, whether it is a traditional white gown or if you are looking for something with a twist, every bride deserves to look her best on her wedding day and I can help! 


    Brittany from Gloss Events and Decor, put this all together! 

    Photography: Kaja Tirrul from Jack Loves Mary