When I start to think of an editorial shoot, I instantly start a dialogue with my creative partner, Kaja, and like anything that grows, it is a seed of an idea that we both add to. I have always loved that we both get to add our own ideas and explore our own creative energy in our editorials. 

 For me, “I Think of Mud” was the start of needing Copious to be able to grow and been seen in more than one way. My original thought written in my notebook was “I want this [shoot] to redefine what Copious may mean to my customers, I want to show a side of this company that hasn’t yet been explored.” At the time I was feeling like I was in a box creatively, it was making me edgy and moody and I needed to explore that stylistically.

 For Kaja, “I Think of Mud” came at a time when she was dying for something creative in a lot of ways. The calm, anger, sadness and sincerity seen in these photos was all her, releasing her emotions into each photo, and for her it is not just the planning and shooting but the editing that is creative as well. These photos look unlike anything we have worked on together, which was our original goal, to grow and push our own boundaries. Coming together to create and produce something different from our “usual” helped both of us be reminded of why we love what we do.

This shoot was not planned out or “pre-styled”, it flowed from everyone involved equally, we had no plan where it would land, it was not designed to sell anything, it was something that our souls needed to feel connected to our creativity again.
Featured in Kodd Magazine
Photographer: Kaja Tirrul www.kajaphoto.com @kajaphoto
Hair & MUA: Brittney Keohan  @bk.mua
Models: Grace & Olivia of Strutt Central Modelling Agency @struttcentral
Stylist: Kaja Tirrul & Carissa McCaig @copiousfashions
Shot on Location in Port Perry, Ontario at Willowtree Farm @willowtree_farm Brands: Copious, House of Knot, London Fog, Vintage, Blundstone, Current Mood, Topshop, Frye, Dolls Kill, Brave Leather, Vans, American Apparel, Etereo, Lebanon Found, Steve Madden, Dunlop, Roots Canada
Written by Carissa McCaig

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