At the end of each season a twinge goes off in my heart for the passion, love and work that went into that collection. The Spring 2017 Collection, Cinnamon Solstice was particularly passionate for me because the inspiration came at a moment when I was feeling directionless.

After being less than inspired for a collection that needed to be urgently designed, an incredible opportunity presented itself where I got to take a road trip with my best friend and see California for the first time.

At first I found the states' lack of colour bizarre to see. Being October my Canadian brain was trained to search for red, orange and yellows, but all I saw was browns and greens. As we continued our drive I began to see all the different shades of green, the pops of colour from the tropical plants and the endless blue sky. Just like that, visiting a new area and hitting the road with my friend, my best collections was born. 

 I am beyond lucky to know a group of creatives that collaborate so beautifully. One thing I hate to do is put limitations on their own ideas, so going into this shoot I told them picture two girls on a road trip who have collected vintage items along the way. Together this is what we created... 

fashion editorial, photoshoot, clothing handmade in Toronto

clothing handmade in Toronto, fashion editorial

fashion editorial, clothing designed and sewn in Toronto

fashion editorial, clothing handmade and sewn in Toronto

fashion editorial, smoke bombs,

fashion editorial, airstream,

Photography: Kaja Tirrul, Kaja Photo
Assistant: Kamara Morozuk
Model: Jana Galley
Model: Leyla Djira
Styling: May Mustapha
Set Styling: Brittany West, Gloss Events & Decor
Makeup: Megan Roberts, _2bu_
Hair: Stephanie Richardson, Richardson Hair Design
Airstream: Kasey Boudreau, Cellar 82
Videographer: Emma Jones

Written by Carissa McCaig

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