Bridal Story- Danielle September 24, 2017 21:00

My first interaction with Danielle was through Instagram over a year ago, her MOH tagged her in a post of my Kaja Wedding Gown and her reaction was like most, I need this! After a couple of days, she got in touch because she had fallen in love with the floral back detail of the Kaja Gown, but she had also tried on some wedding gowns locally and had fallen in love with the strapless style as well, so she asked if I could turn my Kaja Wedding Gown into a strapless gown. The tricky part was Danielle lived in Florida and we would never meet, instantly I was nervous about moving forward because I had never made a corset/strapless gown without fitting it personally.


What made me stop and further think on working with her was how nice Danielle was and how genuinely in love she was with my design. Through her messages’ I could feel that she had found her dress, she had said YES to Copious and I just couldn’t disappoint her.  I instantly did what I do with all clients when embarking on something new; I am honest with them. I laid out the step by step process, so she was aware of what we would be going through, because it really is a relationship that you are committing too.



Anytime I get to work with a bride on a custom gown it is a special relationship I get to have with them, I am working with them to create that dream moment when they walk down the aisle and it is an incredible feeling being able to help them create their perfect look for the start of their marriage.

xoxo Carissa

Photography by:

In Your Eyes Photography
John McConnell