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something was wrong podcast

My focus has waxed and waned over the last month. This always happens when a project is very repetitive. A good podcast can help keep me focused and not stray. Season 3 was intriguing and helped me keep stitching scrap fabric together. It focuses on a narcissist and what a storm they create in the people around them.

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 joe abercrombie's book best served cold


My cousin got me hooked on Joe Abercrombie and was excited for me to read this book in particular because it is a female lead. I loved her drive and determination, and that she was a little salty! Female characters in the fantasy world are often only there to be sexualized and Monza Murcatto was a well-rounded person who was fighting to get to her goal, I couldn't put this book down and enjoyed that it brought in characters from the First Law Trilogy. 

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oppenheimer movie cover

Christopher Nolan is an epic storyteller, and Oppenheimer is his next great film. It is a poignant story to gain traction right now with the rise of AI, it poses many questions. Do the creators of the product have control over it? Do they get to decide when and if it is used? Do we trust our lawmakers to know when and if it should be used? How do we know when we have gone too far? As always Nolan's film has you walking out looking at the world differently and asking the questions that should be considered.

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 cottage life

Can you guess what I have been doing? Cottaging! My cousins and I spent our summers growing up here. We spent time in the boat, going tubing, swimming out to the raft, playing mermaids, building sandcastles at the beach, and eating so much good food. It brings us a lot of joy to see the next generation doing all those things and loving every minute of it.
scrap fabric being upcycled
Last summer I was gifted 2 boxes of scrap fabric from Octopied Mind. They once offered a crop option for their t-shirts, but knowing fabric isn't garbage they saved all these crop scraps. I have been working with these to build an upcycled design around this scrap fabric, and I can't wait to share the
Jill Long Sleeve & Sarah Neapolitan T-shirt. 
Written by Carissa McCaig

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