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Keeping it Slow this Spring 


The arrival of Spring can bring on feelings of the need to purge our closet and start fresh. It is good to stop and remind ourselves that this is not necessary, and is a notion pushed on us by fast fashion. Instead of purging, what if we took ownership over the clothing we both love and don't love anymore.


1. Take that pile of clothing that needs to be altered to the tailor. Top Stitch Tailor in Ottawa is a great option, or you can learn to tailor your own garments, plus have a sewing machine provided at this incredible space, Shoppe and Tailor Studios. 

2. Shave your winter sweaters before storing them away. This will give them new life and make it extra exciting when Fall rolls around. I bought this shaver to help upcycle threaded and it is a dream. 

3. Host a clothing swap! You know the old saying, 'one person's trash is another person's treasure.' 

4. Maybe you are excited to wear all your favourite dresses, shorts, and tees again, embrace this, it means that you have been thoughtful when buying your clothing and that is a beautiful thing. 

5. If you DO need to add to your closet, consider taking your time and investing in clothing that will be with you for life. This can take longer but next spring you will be pulling out clothing that you love and are excited to wear again!

 We hear the term 'Made in Canada' a lot, but have you ever wondered what that really means? Knowledge is power and by learning from Local Designers how they keep their production in Canada, you will understand why the cost is higher, but also the quality. Watch the Candid Copious Live
What Does 'made in canada' mean? with guest Adrienne Butikofer, Designer of OkayOk
Read the corresponding Candid Copious Blog Post.


Written by Carissa McCaig

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