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vanessa's spotify playlist



My favourite videos to watch online are made by Raised by Hippies where she gives us the history of different musicians, bands & songs and she created this awesome playlist. I have had it on repeat all month long. I was lucky enough to talk with Vanessa for a future Femme Stories edition. 

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 castle of wizardry book 4 of the belgariad


This is my favourite series. I read it for the first time when I was 12 and recently gifted the first half of the series to my nephew. He is burning through them, so I had to quickly reread book 4 to catch up to him. I adore that he is falling in love with reading.

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 violet night christmas movie


This year we wanted to add a new holiday movie to our watching list. This looked like Home Alone, but for adults, it fell a little short but was still good for a laugh. 

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 sketching out 2023 production

December did not turn out how I planned. After getting back from OOAK I was down and out for a week, so I wasn't able to jump into production for 2023 the way I had planned, but I did get lots of rest, which was clearly what my body needed. I did get my inspiration board planned and organized, so I am ready to jump into Copious!
upcycled clothing and collection
For the last month of the year, I got rested up, did my last two shows, and prepped a new THREADED collection. I also made plans to expand this collection even more for 2023. I can't wait to bring more upcycling into the Copious brand.
Written by Carissa McCaig

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