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The Smiths, the queen is dead album


The Smiths have been my soundtrack for the last month. While I have been sewing up orders, cutting out dresses & dreaming about being in Italy I was listening to this soulful music. I love a band that’s lyrics are the focal point. “A dreaded sunny day so I meet you at the cemetery gates Keats and Yeats are on your side.”

listen to it!


 wool book written by hugh howley


This book was ok, it was a classic post-apocalyptic world setting. At times it felt like I had read this book before, but it was also a good read for a vacay because I could ditch the book at our hotel. It’s a part of a series so I’m going to try listening to the rest of the trilogy. Such limited time, don’t want to waste precious book reading time on so-so story’s. 

read it!
white hot netflix documentary

I loved this doc. As a consumer Abercrombie and Fitch was the first store I recognized was selling to me. It prided itself on pushing a certain look, a “cool” kid club vibe. I hated the brand instantly, but was fascinated by its marketing ploy and this doc dives into what they did to create that.

watch it!

 touring around italy, girl in bridge in venice

Touring Italy was everything I dreamed of. Gorgeous architecture, history everywhere, incredible food & endless streets to discover magic. I adore wandering a new city and exploring, it truly is a country you can get lost in and end up finding something incredible. Our fav lost moment was finding the best resto of the trip in Rome.
custom emboirdered dolly parton sweater
In case you didn’t know, I do custom embroidery. I love stitching designs for THREADED, but I realized it is very labour intensive and not everyone has a budget for the designs I want to do. Working on custom pieces like this one of a kind Dolly Sweater for Amanda from Frisky Misky’s has been so rewarding.
Written by Carissa McCaig

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