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shania twain, come on over album

All month I have been bingeing all the acts I will be seeing at Bluesfest and I can't wait to see Shania on stage! Her albums were played a lot in my house and even loved by my grandpa. I have the cutest outfit ready for the concert and I'll be testing out a spring 2024 item.

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 the hate you give book by angie thomas


This book is perfect, I couldn't put it down. From beginning to end it tells a powerful and emotional story. Starr Carter is our main character and with every page turn, you are rooting for her. I don't want to give anything away but this is a must-read and is written for young adults so it would make a gift for that book reader in your life.

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barbarian movie

This film was amazing, one of the best I have watched in a long time. Highly inspired by Hitchcock and Tarantino, this is a suspenseful horror film that will leave you screaming. You don't know what is happening until the end and when it's over you are happy because you can breathe, but also a little sad because it is one of those movies that you can't ever watch again. 

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 favoruite cottage spot


Once June hits, I am always at the cottage. It is my family's favourite gathering spot, and each weekend our group chat lights up with everyone saying, you heading to the cottage? It is 5 mins from each of us, which makes it easy to pop over for a quick visit, or for any of us to live there. In fact, while I write this, we are planning dinner there. So I better wrap up so I can head out to my favourite spot.


This summer I have lots of upcycling projects in the works. Pictured here is SO much scrap fabric, all saved over the seasons. My spring scrap fabric can't be used for Conscious Hearts because it is too thin, so I have another idea, follow on Instagram to see how it turns out!

*Side note: Pictured is my fabric waste for 2 years for my spring collection. Now imagine Shein's fabric waste for the billions of garments made each year. All of theirs goes to landfills, where it can't be broken down.
Where you shop is important!
Written by Carissa McCaig

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