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BBC CBC love janessa podcast

There are lots of podcasts out there about catfishing, but LOVE, Janessa focuses on why one woman's image is used so much when it comes to these 'love scams.' The host talks to different men who have "fallen" for Janessa, she talks to actual scammers and to Janessa herself. This was a very interesting look at this phenomenon. 

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triumph of the dwarves fantasy series

My nephew and I have been reading this series for the last couple of years and we are almost done! We have been dragging out the last two books to make it last. This one harkened back to books 1 & 3 and was centered around the Dwarves and their stories which I love. If you are a fantasy fan, this is a good series and is a quick read.

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bbc program ghostwatch

Every October the beau and I want new spooky and psychological movies to watch. He found Ghostwatch, which was very bizarre and I'm not sure why it isn't talked about more. It was complete fiction, but broadcast and promoted as a live and true event. It caused hysteria in 1992 when it aired on Halloween with paranormal events portrayed. It was an interesting pop culture program to watch, if Halloween is your thing, this is a must-watch.

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 homemade halloween costumes

October is dedicated to Halloween costumes, so I make sure to schedule light Copious production to make time to work on these epic ideas. Making your own costume pushes you to think outside the box when it comes to materials you can use, and having the kids involved is working out their creativity muscle.
evergreen jacket competition
The One of a Kind Show is this month and I have been working hard on my competition entry. Every year they have a theme and this year it is 'Evergreen.' I have been working hard to bring my this theme into one of my upcycled Elm Bomber Jackets. Come see this beautiful one-of-a-kind piece Nov. 23 - Dec. 3. 
Written by Carissa McCaig

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