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red hot chili pepper music

Last week I got to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers live, which was an EXPERIENCE! Their songs are some of my favourites, and each time I listen to them I discover new lyrics or notes in the songs, but live, they are beyond amazing. Flea (bassist) & John (guitarist) did so many solos. They took the crowd on a journey and blew all of our minds!

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the sympathizer book

I love looking at both sides of any story, this book does just that. Focused on a character who is Vietnamese, British, and a Communist with an American education. Because of all these things he is never really accepted anywhere, all because people want him to be all one thing or don't want him at all. Set at the end of the Vietnam War, as America is leaving, his life is once again put into a tailspin as he tries to be all things to all people.

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Winning Time on HBO

This was the best show I have watched all year! Incredibly heartwarming and hilarious, this show got me right from the jump. It documents the rise of the Lakers dynasty, and it is filmed documentary-style. John C. Riley gives a dynamic performance as the owner, Dr. Jerry Buss, and shows off how he implemented what we now consider the norm during NBA games. 

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 Visiting Brooklyn

Last week I was on a road trip with my BFF. She and I have done this often. We love hopping in the car, talking till we arrive, and then eating our way through whichever city we are in. This time around we hit up Hershey, PA for the RHCP concert, then headed to Brooklyn for a couple of days in the city. It was incredible to have this time with one of my favourite people.

custom wedding gown
This summer I had the awesome responsibility of upcycling one wedding gown into another. One of my current brides wanted to have a new dress with elements from her mom's wedding gown worked into the design, it was a beautiful experience. Her mom's dress had gorgeous details that when added to her daughter's more modern dress, created a unique and timeless style. I can't wait to share more photos with you for her Bridal Story Blog Post.
Written by Carissa McCaig

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