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unraveled podcast

This podcast had me hooked. Your Copious gal has needed 100% focus on sewing, and a good podcast majorly helps keep that focus. Each season of this podcast is really good and had me hooked and ready to jump into listening each day. I like that it focuses on crimes that aren't normally covered in this genre. 

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 oliver twist thrift books


I love old literature. It takes me to a different time, it always has hidden meanings and I love old English. Oliver Twist at times was beautiful, at other times was painful to read. You just wanted him to have a happy ending. If you are a fan of Jane Austen or Louisa May Alcott, I would recommend giving Dickens a try!

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white house plumbers

This was hilarious. It tells a side of the Watergate scandal I didn't know about and this depiction of these men and their need to have power and "do good" for the president was comedy gold! Both actors are perfect in their roles, plus it happened in 1972, so amazing wardrobe & music.

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 going to the barbie movie

I took these Barbie's to the BARBIE movie! I adore hanging with the kidlets, I love seeing things through their eyes and this movie was a treat to experience together. My favourite moment was when the movie made me tear up, and my little angels snuggled right up to comfort me. There are pros and cons to every movie, did they get it 100% right, no. Greta was really balancing a huge age gap in her audience and I'm sure that was hard. For me; I LOVE this movie, because of the male depiction. They showcased the identity crisis men are going through right now, and more importantly, they illustrated the emotional journey they should go on to find out who they are. 
one of a kind bombers
I have dreamt of these bombers for months! The biggest lesson I have learned with upcycling is to think it through once, twice, three times then cut! Each piece of fabric is precious, I want to make sure I am using it in a conscious way and of course in the coolest way possible. I think I accomplished that with this one-of-a-kind gem!
Written by Carissa McCaig

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