boys like me podcast

What I have listening to...  

I am a big fan of CBC podcasts. They are not too flowery and they are great at making the facts front and centre. This series was a comparison between two boys, now men, who were in the same special needs class in highschool. Both are autistic, both struggled with meeting women and both went on very different paths in life.

listen to it!

north of normal book by cee sunrise person

What I have been reading...

This memoir was a great read, super quick and adventurous. Her life starts in California, but eventually she ends up in the Canadian wilderness with her extended family. Raised in the 60’s by her young mom, her grandparents stepped in to get away from the growing modern world and moved out to the woods to get away from all that was going wrong around them.

read it!

FX's reservation dogs

What I have been watching... 

I had heard great things about this show and it lived up to all the hype. It is deep, educational, funny, emotional. The actors have a bond that shows through and makes you instantly fall in love with them and their world. I highly recommend this show, it had my laughing out loud and showed me a world  I haven’t seen before.

watch it!

people around a campfire in the winter

What I have been doing... 

As a kid I never really went to our family’s cottage in the winter, but this year we were determined to use it year round. The kiddos adore the cottage and we all loved seeing them experience it in a different season. We had a fire side lunch, we went tobogganing, prepped a skating rink, went ice fishing, went exploring on the river, it was lovely to just enjoy winter.

sewing a hood for the clare poncho

What I have been working on...

I have started getting in the habit of kicking off a new year with sewing up some of my harder pieces first. Things that need to go to my contractors’ for buttonholes, snaps, embroidery get done early in the year so they can be prepped and ready to go. Ponchos are all prepped and stored away!

Written by Carissa McCaig

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