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What I have listening to...  

I have been bored with my podcast selection of late, until Miss Kaja got me hooked on the Hollywood Con Queen. This story is crazy, but what is even more crazy is that this story wasn’t already out in the ethos. Each episode was more shocking and twisted, and made working on a Saturday a lot easier.

listen to it!

the lost barrens by farley mowet

What I have been reading...

Farley Mowet is one of my favourite authors. He weaves such beautiful stories and often showcases Canada’s beautiful landscape. This story is of two brothers, although not blood related, after spending an entire winter out in the Arctic alone they are bound for life. The sequel is equally as good, when they go back in search of the Viking’s Grave.

read it!

What I have been watching... 

This show is SO good! I didn’t know much about Pam & Tommy’s relationship, besides the obvious, the sex tape. This show dives way deeper and honestly Pam Anderson shouldered so much misogyny for just being sexual. She is a feminist, who had to defend herself and her career because someone stole something private.

watch it!

What I have been doing... 

February has been mostly me sewing, but I had to take time to celebrate this sweet, stylish, creative human. There is nothing like spoiling the little ones in your life to bring you all the joy you could need. My grandparents are finally out of lockdown from their retirement community which meant we all got to celebrate together!

What I have been working on...

Last Fall I finally got the chance to sell the THREADED collection in person. The reaction was beyond anything I could have dreamt. Getting to see all of your reactions and love for this collection inspired me for edition 8. It will be dropping so soon, 26.03.22, until then here’s a sneak peek. 

Written by Carissa McCaig

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