The threaded collection has gone through a few iterations since its beginning.
Last Spring, I realized I wanted each sweater under the THREADED label to make a statement.
This is when no labels, just vibes was born.

no labels, just vibes, threaded collection, thrifted collection, upcycled collection.What does no labels, just vibes mean? 

When I decided that each sweater needed to make a bigger statement, I wanted something clean and simple that could be embroidered on each piece. Something that could be a badge of honour for the person wearing it.

 Reflecting on what inspired THREADED, I kept coming back to the waste that labels create. Their uncontrolled production that produces too much clothing every year, flooding our secondhand shops and landfills with unwanted clothing.This led me to think on why thrifting has always inspired me. Each shop is a melange of clothing from different generations and different styles and when thrifting it forces you to figure out your personal style, it allows you to develop a keen sense for the vibe of each piece.This is how no labels, just vibes was born.

Once this motto was in my head I couldn’t stop thinking of its double meaning. It could be applied to clothing, but I kept thinking about our need as a society to label people. We use these labels to put people in a box to help us understand them, but it can also bring immediate judgement. When labels are chosen by the individual person they can be very empowering, but so often these labels are given to us by others.

Vibes are real. Whether with people or style, it is a feeling, an energy that attracts us. What if we used these feelings over the labels that we are told to carry or wear. The more I sat with this motto the more I knew it was the vibe I wanted THREADED to carry forward.

 This collection first launched in person this past Fall and the conversations it sparked were more than I could have imagined. People of all ages explored and shopped this collection.

I had young people shop and explain the vibes they got from thrifted pieces to their parents.

I had a grandma, a long time thrifter, who bought pieces for each of her grandchildren who now thrifted.

I had parents and step-parents shop and talk about how their children were choosing their own identities and that this slogan would mean so much to them.

It literally made my heart burst when each THREADED piece found its home and I can’t wait to have more conversations in a week at the Spring One of a Kind Show, March 30th - April 3rd. Buy your tickets here.


This collection means so much to me. Edition 8 launches Thursday @ 8pm.

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Written by Carissa McCaig

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