RHCP unlimited love album

What I have listening to...  

Is it just me or do you get nervous for beloved bands who are putting out new music? Thankfully RHCP got it all right with their new album Unlimited Love. From their classic cali sound to their intentional, sometimes bizarre lyrics, every song is perfection and are destine to become classics.  

listen to it!

under the banner of heaven by jon krakauer

What I have been reading...

Jon Krakauer is an amazing author. His journalistic style always makes for an in depth take on whichever subject matter he tackles. This time around he looks at a specific crime carried out by fundamental Mormons, but to truly understand their ideology he goes back to the beginning and dives into the start, rise and fracture in the Mormon Church.

read it!

HBO's euphoria tv series

What I have been watching... 

I can’t remember the last time I watched a show this achingly beautiful. The writing, acting, makeup, clothing, lighting, directing, every aspect is very thoughtful. They beautifully pull you into their world, then you don’t want to leave and you feel a void when it’s over. I will be impatiently waiting for S3 for the next 2 years.

watch it!

booth setup at the one of a kind show

What I have been doing... 

This year I opted for the bigger booth. Many of my fellow artisans have been pushing me to make that jump and they were right. I loved having so much room to show off all my product line, your love for my bucket hats made me jump for joy. Thank you again to everyone who stopped by, I am still riding the high.

custom copious bridal gown with floral lace back

What I have been working on...

The first of the 2022 Wedding Gowns has shipped. I love making the Kaja Wedding Gown, it is a traditional gown with a pop of colour. With a gorgeous white bodice and white crinoline skirt you get the traditional vibes then with a pop of floral print in the back you get modern vibes. Plus it is super easy re-wear in the future with a shortening of the hem.

Written by Carissa McCaig

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