nothing foreign podcast

What I have listening to...  

This has quickly become a favourite podcast of mine. It tackles a new issue each week that is occurring in countries around the world. By highlighting issues that might not hit your radar, they are showcasing the butterfly effect, an issue across the globe no longer is contained there, we are all affected.

listen to it!

the thorn birds book

What I have been reading...

Oh, how I love a pining romance novel. This book gives me Jane Austen vibes and I was invested from the moment Meggie and Ralph met. This novel is set in Australia and spans three generations of Cleary’s. On the back one review says ‘real life pales in comparison’ they might be right because I have felt empty since finishing this book.

read it!

the drop out tv series

What I have been watching... 

I have been on this story since day one. Seeing Elizabeth on top ten lists, featured in magazines, you can see why people were enamored with her. From the podcast, to her trial I kept thinking this is actually a great idea and I kept wondering, what if she had just tried to achieve what she set out too.

watch it!

custom bridal couture

What I have been doing... 

Spring is always reserved for my brides. From custom gowns to my classic Kaja Wedding Dress I love sewing each one. A wedding gown is personal and something you will cherish forever, so to be chosen as the designer, it is always an honour. If you are bride, reach out, I love my working with my brides.

table full of pictures, sorting film

What I have been working on...

Last Fall as a family we moved my grandparents into a retirement community. We went through their house and we found 3 boxes of photo albums. I took charge of the photos and organized them into trips my grandparents went on, cottage time and Christmas. It was lovely to relive all our family moments and laugh over some of our hairstyles!

Written by Carissa McCaig

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