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mystic mother podcast 

This was an ok listen, but it could have gone a lot deeper, it really is surface-level. It is centred in the Phoenix Goddess Temple. where “seekers” are offered healing sessions through sensual touch with a goddess. Some see it as a church, some a brothel, but ultimately I think this could have gone a lot deeper on how society views female sexuality and how we never look to empower women but need to paint them in one of two roles, victims or villains.

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 becoming by michelle obama


I don't read a lot of biographies, I prefer a fictional world built for me, but this was a lovely read. My favourite part was learning how she took her unique experiences throughout her life, often being the only female in board rooms, and more often only woman of colour, and recognizing that it was her confidence that let her speak up. She used that as a guiding force for her mentorship program at the White House, which saw young women coming in and building their own confidence in a safe space. Her legacy is long-lasting and made for a beautiful read. 

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Each Monday I am running home from work to get my fill of Succession. For me, season 3 fell off and became really repetitive, so I am thrilled that for the final season, they are pulling out all the stops. No spoilers, but this season has been deliciously awkward, and emotionally uncomfortable, all made possible because of incredible acting.

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 celebrating my beau's bday

April is always about celebrating my favourite Aries. I took lots of time to spoil my beau for his bday, including taking him out to a restaurant we have been dying to try. Retro Gusto in Ottawa took us right back to our trip to Italy, filling us with Burrata, Pizza, and Tiramisu. 
femme sweater from copious
This month I have had the pleasure of stitching some of your Mother's Day Gifts. Whether you were treating yourself or getting your orders in for your mom, I love that the Femme Sweater can be such a special gift. 

New here? The Femme Sweater is a customizable sweater celebrating the people in our lives. You choose the sweater colour, thread colour, and names and I will embroider it.
Written by Carissa McCaig

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