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scam likely podcast


This podcast is centered around scams and this season takes you on a journey with the FBI. They have been tipped off to a phone scam happening to people who are waiting on their immigration paperwork. Their fear of being deported is used against them to get thousands of dollars from them. This was a good listen and has a decent conclusion!

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 funny girl by nick hornby

This was a great read, I am becoming a big Nick Hornby fan. It follows a small-town girl who wants to be an actress. Along the way she meets friends who not only help her achieve that goal but become her family. Throughout the story, you journey with them through life, love, and getting old, by the end I wanted to be apart of the gang.

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werewolf by night marvel movie

October is all about Halloween movies in our house and this new edition did not disappoint. It is based on a comic book and the movie takes inspiration from older horror movies and has a definite Hitchcock vibe. It isn't about the gore, it is all about paying tribute to old monster movies. This is a Halloween movie everyone can enjoy.

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 touring around italy, girl in bridge in venice

Touring Italy was everything I dreamed of. Gorgeous architecture, history everywhere, incredible food & endless streets to discover magic. I adore wandering a new city and exploring, it truly is a country you can get lost in and end up finding something incredible. Our fav lost moment was finding the best resto of the trip in Rome.
lennon patchwork sweater, upcycled from scrap fabric

The Lennon Sweater has been years in the making and finally this summer I was able to start sorting, cutting, and sewing scrap fabric back together. Upcycling involves a lot more time throughout production, but the end result is worth it.

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Written by Carissa McCaig

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