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breakdown AJC podcast


Not every season of this series is good, but the newest one is about the grand jury that is happening in Atlanta to see if Donald Trump acted illegally days after his election loss. They are working to find out if he will be charged with having influenced the insurrection. It has been interesting to listen to so far.

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harry potter book series

Real talk, I don't love this series. I know that is touchy to say, seeing as it is such a beloved series, but the reinforcement of stereotypical gender norms is frustrating. This was the hardest book for me to get through, with Harry being the most annoying, quick-tempered, and not a great friend or student. While Hermoine continues to stand by, his dutiful friend, even though she seems more organized, smarter, and a better witch! I just keep wanting her to be taken more seriously.

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 ring of power and house of dragon fantasy tv series


I couldn't pick one, I have been faithfully watching both and each week these shows are killing it. I keep bouncing back and forth about which one I like the most, either way, I am loving all the fantasy in my life.

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 last days of summer and ice cream trucks
September is always a switch back to normalcy, it is inevitable. For me, I ramp up production, but I am also getting out to the cottage on those warmer days and making sure we get an ice cream trip in before our local Dairy Barn closes down for the winter. 
new branding for copious
These last few months have been typical Copious, getting the Fall Collection ready, photoshoots, and focusing on THREADED, but it has also been all about branding. I am looking at each piece of Copious and looking for ways to bring the new branding to it. Even my change room has gotten a breakdown of the new symbols.
Written by Carissa McCaig

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