Holiday Shopping can be stressful, but since I have switched to shopping local, I honestly never feel stressed. I know I can hit up some Artisan Markets and get all my gifts + know it will be unique. Check out some amazing gift options below and the best part, each of these makers is set up at The One of Kind Show so you can shop them in person from Nov 24.- Dec. 4.
generational design, wooden clocks

Generational Design Works

I have swooned over these clocks at OOAK, they are even more beautiful in person, and would make the perfect gift. They are something really special and unique and it is so much more than a clock, it is a piece of art.Find them online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth L33.

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textured rope candles, made by odegard candles

Odegaard Home

Ok you will hear me say this a lot, but when you are shopping local it is true, these aren't just candles, they are art! Seriously they are even better in person, full of texture and life, you won't even want to burn them. But I must warn you, it's bad luck to not burn a candle, so you have to burn them at least a little. Find them online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth E43.

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wood and pearl earrings, handmade by Rare Olive

Rare Olive

I adore Rare Olive for its earthy element, each piece features a wooden element. Each piece is a classic style and you could easily rock them with any clothing style, making them such a giftable item. Find them online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth J36.

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life's not fair book by other life lessons

Other Life Lessons

I am always on the hunt for fun gift ideas for my nieces and nephews and these books are it. They are thought provoking, fun and unlike anything I have scene on the market. Find them online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth J3. 

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Shop thrifted clothing with Past Lives

Past Lives Thrift

This vendor isn't available at OOAK, but you know I couldn't put together a gift guide without giving you a thrifted option. Thrifted gifts are a great way to give a sustainable and unique gift and Past Lives is giving you all the effortlessly cool vintage we need. Find them online. 


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DIY Necklace by Make This Universe

Make. This. Universe.

The holidays are a great time to get your DIY on and Make. This. Universe. has you covered. You could get one of each of their products for everyone on your list. Their newest addition, pictured above is the cutest. Find them online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth K13.   

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mini cinema light box


If you have ever been to OOAK before you have seen this booth, it is unmissable. These gorgeous light boxes feature film grids and any cinefile would adore this as a gift. The best part is how different they look from afar and up close, a truly one of a kind gift. Find them online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth G29. 


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sustainable fanny pack by Roncy Packs

Roncy Packs

I am so excited to meet this brand. Not only do they make gorgeous totes and packs, but they actively work to upcycle their scrap fabric & they work with a local recycler to use recycled fabric. This a brand you can be proud to support. Find them online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth G58. 


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upcycled patchwork sweater


I don't know about you, but this holiday season I will actively being looking to shop local and sustainable. What we buy matters and how we spend our money matters. If you are looking to do the same make sure to stop by the Copious booth, I offer upcycled and thrifted items which consider our fabric waste throughout the design process. Find me online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth P37. 


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ceramics by Mt. Prospect

Mt. Prospect

These ceramics are unlike anything you have seen. This brand works with a sturdy medium, but makes the most light and airy ceramic art pieces. Definitely a gift for that art lover in your life, plus these pieces are both functional and design worthy. Find me online or at the One of a Kind Show Booth Q29. 


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Written by Carissa McCaig

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