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My nephew started taking guitar lessons, so I made this playlist;
AUNTIE JAMS, to help him explore guitar sounds. I have been rocking out to it
all month long. 

listen to it!

 toni morrison the bluest eyes


Toni Morrison is one of my favourite authors. She is poignant and truthful, even though those truths are often hard to swallow. This is her first novel and follows Pecola, a young girl who is trying to understand her parent and their pain. Toni writes from a place of pure honesty, it is completely captivating.

read it!

 the offer tv show on hbo


This show is extremely detailed, pays beautiful homage to The Godfather, and is made for film geeks. Discovering all the easter eggs giving a nod to one of the greatest films ever made, made me squeal with delight. The story about the making of this film 100% deserved its own mini-series.

watch it!

 pirate adventure day with the kiddos


Each year the beau and I take the kids on an adventure day before school starts. This year we went on the pirate ship at Mooney's Bay, then had a picnic and beach day. It was super fun and the actors on the boat put on a great show. 

new copious branding


These last few months have been typical Copious, getting the Fall Collection ready, photoshoots, and focusing on THREADED, but it has also been all about branding. I am looking at each piece of Copious and looking for ways to bring the new branding to it. Even my change room has gotten a breakdown of the new symbols.

Written by Carissa McCaig

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