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    Fall Shopping Events

    Whether you're just looking for something to do this weekend or you're looking to get a head start on Christmas shopping, Copious will be at two different shopping events! Both of these events will happen this upcoming weekend in Toronto. Come say hi and visit our booth to see all the garments! 


    INLAND features a collection of different Canadian designers that make apparel, jewelry and accessories. This event helps to promote local designers in order to support our fellow Canadians! 

    This shopping event takes place on Saturday, September 26th, 12PM - 9PM and Sunday, September 27th, 12PM-6PM. This will take place at 99 Sudbury St, Toronto, ON. There is an entrance fee of $5 cash.

    Visit the Facebook event page:

    For more information on this event visit:


    Etsy: Made in Canada Toronto

    This pop-up market consists of many Etsy sellers that have their product to one location. This event supports many local Etsy sellers that have come together to showcase all their products. Come shop with us for some super unique and interesting items!

    Visit the Facebook event page:

    For more information on this event:

    Be sure to stop by the Copious booth to check out what new things we have in store for you!

    Welcome to Copious Fashions!

    Welcome to the new updated Copious Fashions website! Copious Fashions is now available for online shopping. With these changes, you can browse the spring collection and pick up all the pieces that you love! The spring collection, Citrus and Sage, is inspired by the 60's music scene so expect lots of bright fun colours!