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    Bridal Story- Danielle

    My first interaction with Danielle was through Instagram over a year ago, her MOH tagged her in a post of my Kaja Wedding Gown and her reaction was like most, I need this! After a couple of days, she got in touch because she had fallen in love with the floral back detail of the Kaja Gown, but she had also tried on some wedding gowns locally and had fallen in love with the strapless style as well, so she asked if I could turn my Kaja Wedding Gown into a strapless gown. The tricky part was Danielle lived in Florida and we would never meet, instantly I was nervous about moving forward because I had never made a corset/strapless gown without fitting it personally.

    custom Kaja wedding Gown, white gown with floral back, alternative wedding fashion

    What made me stop and further think on working with her was how nice Danielle was and how genuinely in love she was with my design. Through her messages’ I could feel that she had found her dress, she had said YES to Copious and I just couldn’t disappoint her.  I instantly did what I do with all clients when embarking on something new; I am honest with them. I laid out the step by step process, so she was aware of what we would be going through, because it really is a relationship that you are committing too.


    alternative wedding fashion, custom made in Toronto

    white wedding gown, crinoline skirt, cotton floral back detail, custom made in Torontowhite wedding gown with back floral detail, custom made in Ottawa

    Anytime I get to work with a bride on a custom gown it is a special relationship I get to have with them, I am working with them to create that dream moment when they walk down the aisle and it is an incredible feeling being able to help them create their perfect look for the start of their marriage.

    xoxo Carissa

    Photography by:

    In Your Eyes Photography
    John McConnell

    Cinnamon Solstice

    Cinnamon Solstice

    At the end of each season a twinge goes off in my heart for the passion, love and work that went into that collection. The S/S 2017 Collection, Cinnamon Solstice, was particularly passionate for me because the inspiration came at a moment when I was feeling directionless.

    After being less than inspired for a collection that needed to be urgently designed, an incredible opportunity presented itself where I got to take a road trip with my best friend and see California for the first time.

    At first I found the states' lack of colour bizarre to see. Being October my Canadian brain was trained to search for red, orange and yellows, but all I saw was browns and greens. As we continued our drive I began to see all the different shades of green, the pops of colour from the tropical plants and the endless blue sky. Just like that, visiting a new area, hitting the road with my friend who helps me navigate my thoughts and one of my best collections was born. 

     I am beyond lucky to know a group of creatives that collaborate so beautifully together. One thing I hate to do is put limitations on their own ideas, so going into this shoot I told them picture two girls on a road trip who have collected vintage items along the way. Together this is what we created... 

    fashion editorial, photoshoot, clothing handmade in Toronto

    clothing handmade in Toronto, fashion editorial

    fashion editorial, clothing designed and sewn in Toronto

    fashion editorial, clothing handmade and sewn in Toronto

    fashion editorial, smoke bombs,

    fashion editorial, airstream,

    Photography: Kaja Tirrul, Kaja Photo
    Assistant: Kamara Morozuk
    Model: Jana Galley
    Model: Leyla Djira
    Styling: May Mustapha
    Set Styling: Brittany West, Gloss Events & Decor
    Makeup: Megan Roberts, _2bu_
    Hair: Stephanie Richardson, Richardson Hair Design
    Airstream: Kasey Boudreau, Cellar 82
    Videographer: Emma Jones

    Are You Music Festival Ready?

    Are You Music Festival Ready?

    Summer is in full swing, but it would not be complete without a music festival. In just a few weeks I'll be hitting up NYC with my BFF to see The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and SO many others, which means MAJOR outfit planning!
    Festivals are the perfect time to break out those bohemian pieces and vintage rock and roll staples, plus you definitely need a piece that can be worked into all your outfits, enter The Desert Fringe Vest. Inspired by the California lifestyle, it's the perfect carefree layer to throw on at night, or instantly funk up a casual outfit. Here are three ways you can incorporate the Desert Fringe Vest, and some other key Copious pieces into your festival looks.

    The no-fail formula: cut-offs and a sleek cami. Keep a bandana handy for dust (but also 7 just because it's cute). Emma wears the Crystal Crop Top (size S, available at Coal Miner's Daughter, Queen West,) The Desert Fringe Vest (size XS/S), vintage shorts and bandana, Adiddas Flip Flops.

    Keep cool with the Mary Dress, which has an open back that's still bra-friendly, plus the breezy bell sleeves scream music festival. Emma wears the Mary Dress (size S), The Desert Fringe Vest (size XS/S), La Jolee Tote, Cartel Boots and Brave New Leather Belt.

    Put that concert merchandise to good use! Turn your favourite band t-shirt into a cool crop top by knotting it at the front. Emma wears the Lisa Skirt (size S), The Desert Fringe Vest (size XS/S), vintage tee from House of Vintage. 

    Happy Shopping!

    Written by: Emma Jones & Carissa McCaig


    Copious Heads to England for Tea!

    Copious Heads to England for Tea!

    A month ago my Aunt Carol came to me with exciting news that she had been invited to Buckingham Palace for a Royal Tea that the Queen holds every year and people from all over the world can apply to be a guest. A little background my Aunt LOVES the Royal Family, so much so that I was convinced as a kid that we were apart of the Royal Family because their photos hung on the wall with ours, so of course I assumed I was Royalty! 

    We had a short time to pull an outfit together, but my Aunt knew exactly what she wanted, she wanted a bright colour, to be feel comfortable, but look fancy! I always believe things happen for a reason and this dress is prove, I bought this fabric a year ago just because it was beautiful and I knew one day it would be made into a dress for a special event! 

    custom gown, magenta floral print, handmade in Toronto

    My Aunt and Uncle have been to EVERY Copious fashion show and have always supported myself and my dream of building my own company! To be able to have Copious be apart of such a big day for my Aunt was such an honour! 

    custom made Copious, made in Torontocustom gown, Queen of England, custom made in Toronto

    The Queen's Garden Party was on May 16th and my Aunt and Uncle got to have tea and enjoy delicious sweets. The Queen, Prince Philip, Kate, William, Princess Anne and Beatrice were in attendance.

    custom made dress, worn to Buckingham Palacemagenta pink floral custom made gown, made in Toronto

     My goal is always to make everyone feel comfortable in the Copious they put on, no matter how fancy the event if you aren't comfortable you can't be confident. So it always make me happy to hear how proud people are to wear their Custom Copious, but my for your own Aunt to experience that incredible! 

    "Many people admired my dress and I must say that I was very proud of how it looked."

                                                                                                              Carol Matthew


    Styling the Kaja Dress for Summer Events

    Styling the Kaja Dress for Summer Events

    Wedding Season is right around the corner, which means the hunt for fancy dresses begins! For someone on a budget, purchasing multiple formal dresses that you might only wear once can be a drag. Look no further than the Kaja Dress, a Copious perennial that flatters everyone and works for any occasion. It is easy to dress up and down, so it can be restyled over and over again in your wardrobe! Copious has three colour ways this season that you can personalize and style differently for all your summer parties this season. 

    spring dress, fit and flare style, handmade in Torontopink floral fit and flare printed dress, handmade in Torontocobalt blue dress with black lace back, handmade in Toronto

     The newest colour way is a gorgeous stretch cobalt blue that features a sheer back with victorian pattern. This back pairs perfectly with a black bralette (bonus points for interesting strappy details.)  Emma wears the Kaja Dress in size 4 with Aldo earrings and a vintage purse.

    cobalt blue dress, summer dress, handmade in Torontopink floral fit and flare dress, handmade in Toronto

     This floral version is the perfect summer dress for weddings or bridal events this summer! The Navy back with textured diamond print is the perfect touch of sheer to be playful with a colourful bra. Emma wears the Kaja Dress in size 4 with Aldo earrings, vintage necklace, Heel Boy Wedges.

    navy cotton fit and flare dress, handmade in Torontonavy cotton summer dress with coral back handmade in Toronto

     I always try and choose sheer fabrics with texture or a design that can easily camouflage a bra, cause who are we kidding, some of us need a bra! The pattern and texture on this sheer fabric is a great concealer for a nude bra. If you are attending a wedding where you need more coverage for the ceremony a shawl or kimono can be a great extra layer to style with this colour way, while upping your outfit game at the same time! Emma wears the Kaja Dress in size 4 with Aldo earrings, vintage kimono and Heel Boy Wedges.